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Prospectors Inc. is Now Hiring!

Hey New Vegas, it’s the Turn of the Century 2301, and we’re moving out into new territory and need new and experienced prospectors to explore and collect for the only incorporated prospecting company that provides medical and dental plans for all it’s employees as well as paid vacations! We provide only the best equipment, scouting, and leads for our prospectors! All you have to do is crack it open and see what’s inside!

We pay the highest for all scavenged lots, and even provide good security for claims to prevent jumpers from taking whats yours (note: security is for external site protection only, they will not interfere or help with your internal scavenging operations).

So are you the type of bold, go-getter that wants to make a fortune exploring cool, new places? Do you want the piece of mind that comes with a guaranteed buyer for all your scavenged goods? Do you like your teeth? Does it burn when you pee? If you answered, “YES!” to any one of these, then apply now at Prospectors Inc! Just outside of New Vegas proper in Freeside in the Cerulean Robotics building. Our medical and dental plans start on day one with the signing of any contract!

Prospectors Inc. – Where the Wealth is Found

Home Page

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